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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post

That sounds a cool idea. A question - when you sync a book to your device in this way, is it the same result as if you were to choose send to device in terms of it applying save template and metabooks? (I've never used news myself).
I don't know since I don't use ,yet, those features myself. Only thing I ever changed/looked at were the settings for the Sony 505 Device Interface plugin.
Maybe Kovid can answer that one.

Pretty trivial to code up assuming I am thinking the same as you about what it needs to do. Presumably you just want a menu with suboptions allowing you to add a book to the news sync list, and another to remove from it? The only "difficult" part I see is coming up with sexy names for the menu items/plugin and the icons .
Yep, there is not much more to it.

Is there any configuration required for the plugin? e.g. is this a plugin that needs to have keyboard shortcuts or is its use infrequent enough that a context menu/toolbar action menu is sufficient?
I can live without a keyboard shortcut since I would use it only once in a while but the original poster might use it daily and then a keyboard shortcut might come in handy.

Go ahead get sidetracked for a couple of minutes since I haven't got any time for some coding the coming weeks Besides it was just the idea in the other thread that I didn't want get lost.


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