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Ditto on weak battery

Originally Posted by cathyWeeks View Post
1. My battery lasts one day - roughly 12 hours. With the wireless it's much less. It lasts no more than 2 hours with active use of the wireless.
I can attest to the same battery problem. Those times sound about consistent with mine. Not only that, but my battery does not seem to hold a charge very well. Being busy this past week, I just had it off for a few days and it was dead when I turned it back on Friday night. It was about 3/4 full before then, the wireless turned off, and the device turned off in the interim (not in sleep mode).

I'm wondering if other Kindle owners are having the same problem? It could just be a bad battery, and I've been meaning to get a backup anyway. But if others are in the same condition then it might not help.

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