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Originally Posted by tompe View Post
In my I have tried to document as much as I have learned about the possible information in the EXTH. You can also have DRM information before or after the EXTH.

Are you sure that FLIS anc FCIS is license information?

I think the record format contains information about how long the record is.

I think that the first image record index is in MOBI+0x5B. When I decode a file I just check each record to see if it is an image.
MOBI +0x5B for the image start? What if you have content much shorter then 0x5B records?

Actually the length of the content can simply be read from the header after which the images start. There's a 2 byte header in between. As for the images, do you also assume each image is 2 records long? Or get the length from elsewhere?

No, FCIS isn't about license information. It contains information about the images & the content size at lease.
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