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Mark book to be send to device on next connect

Hi Kiwidude,

First of all thanks for you currently slew of plugins, nice work!.

As the title suggests a plugin which would do that would be great for some people. Saw a question in the Frequently Asked Questions thread by ArmorDog and quite liked the idea.

Question was:
Is there a way to flag books to transfer when the reader is next connected?

Often, when working in Calibre, I don't have my reader hooked up. When I finish fixing up a book, I'd like to flag it to be copied to the reader when it's next connected.

I used something like it while I downloaded the NRC epub using a script and used a bit of python code to set the News flag for the imported epub. This has the effect that on next connect of my reader it was automatically sent to it.
This is the relevant line:
calibre-debug -c "from calibre.library import db; db=db(); from calibre.utils.config import prefs; ids = db.prefs.get('news_to_be_synced', []); ids.append(%id%); db.prefs.set('news_to_be_synced', ids)"
Where %id% is the id of the book that you want flagged.

Might have a try at it myself but you're free to grab the idea and beat me to it


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