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Thanks for the heads up. Yep installed bunch of recommended apps.
Still deciding on which launcher and any comparisons threads around? And slowly con-jelling all the different info.

1) Market no longer has Angry Birds? They have Angry Birds Seasons. But can't get orig?
2) Button Savior keeps coming up with enable debugging everytime I run it. I have enabled it it then backs out rerun and get debugg again. If I hit cancel then can get to settings and it is running on the screen. And working.
3) Advanced Task Killer Yes or No? As some say since 2.1 it is not needed and can cause problems?

And wanting to have a calendar,battery percentage,quick on/off wifi & strength with books on home screen. And a launcher bar for custom apps launch.

Any help is appreciated and this forum rocks! for help & info. And am sure I may be bugging you all a bit. Until I become knowledgeable enough to help.
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