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orb9220 began at the beginning.
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Yep used the link and rooted mine last night. Funny thing is it didn't stay off.
After a minute it came back on all by itself. So grabbed it and powered down to remove the SD card. And booted up fine.

But totally confused now trying to figure out like soft-keys for? My understanding they are for missing key functions on the nook? And trying to figure out now how to have widgets or icons for apps on the screen without the need to go to extras? And was frustrated with no icon for apps downloaded and trying to figure out why until I rebooted.

Are there any guides or overviews of the android OS for the nook? At least guide me to an understanding. I am just getting bits & pieces of ADB this and root that and AW launcher this and ???. Quite confusing on where to start after the root.

Guess I keep trudging on! Step by Step.
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