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Toggling the rendering mode during reading time

During the weekend I read a few comments on the russian discussion forum. There it was discussed if my changes should make their way into the official firmware. However, some users rightly pointed out that my version didn't make the pocketbook djvu viewer obsolete, because if you display the pages in black and white you will loose all the images of your whole document, because the images belong to the background layer.

So I thought that is quite a valid point and I was looking into taking those comments on board.

The result is a new version (djviewer-both) which allows now the user to select "on the fly" what should be displayed. So you can select from full grayscale (photo quality), black/white or foreground. The foreground is a layer of the djvu file which also doesn't contain the images but which will display the text with the full grayscale in which it was scanned. Then the text might have a little less contrast but it might be easier on the eye (although this is probably personal preference).
Further I added some code so that the program stores for each file the last display mode so if you close the book and reopen it, it will use the last display mode you used.

For me (personally) this means now that the pocketbook djviewer has become obsolete as my version now has all the functionality of the old version and adds some features which can be activated during reading time.

1) download and unzip
2) place into system/bin
3) modify extensions.cfg (in system/config/ or system/profiles/.../config/ if you're using profiles) to reflect your preferences.

Using it:
1) open the context menu to select the djviewer-both (or make it the default)
2) I've added the functionality for selecting the display mode to the zoom menu. So you press the round button to get the quick menu then you go to zoom and then select the symbol on the far right. This will activate the next display mode in the list.

The order of display modes is grayscale -> black/white -> foreground -> grayscale. So if you want to go from grayscale to the foreground layer you select twice in the zoom menu the "toggle render mode" option.


Achtung, dies ist nicht die aktuelle Version! Diese ist bereits veraltet. Link zu neuester Version im ersten post.
Attention, this is not the most recent version. Please see first post in this thread for a link to the most recent version.
Внимание. Эта версия старого. Не загружайте его. Используйте ссылку в пост № 1
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