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Hi all,

I've yet to buy an Ereader of any brand. I do a lot of fiction reading, and mostly I like authors that have series. Like Loren Eslteman's Amos Walker, or John Sandford's Lucas Davenport.

The problem I have found when researching each reader's store is that while they DO carry the authors I like, they do NOT carry all the books in a series.

If I wanted to read all of Walter Mosely's Easy Rawlins detective stories in order, I couldn't. They only offer some of the books in that series. Each series I like has a limited supply in the chain. This may be ok for the series I've already read, but what of the ones I've yet to come across? My mother says the series that starts with Lawrence Sanders "The First Deadly Sin" is a great series, but will I be restricted to only every other book or less? ***(Never mind, I just checked and none of the books in this series are available on either site)***

For a detailed example, let's look at the John Sandford books featuring the character Lucas Davenport. To date there are 17 books in the series. Here's a look at the first ten in order:

A=Amazon Kindle Store, S=Sony Reader Store

1 Rules of Prey (1989) A - Yes, S - Yes
2 Shadow Prey (1990) A - Yes, S - Yes
3 Eyes of Prey (1991) A - Yes, S - Yes
4 Silent Prey (1992) A - Yes, S - Yes
5 Winter Prey (1993) A - Yes, S - Yes
6 Night Prey (1994) A - No, S - Yes
7 Mind Prey (1995) A - No, S - No
8 Sudden Prey (1996) A - No, S - No
9 Secret Prey (1998) A - Yes, S - Yes
10 Certain Prey (1999) A - Yes, S - Yes

So you see, if you wanted to read this fine series in order, you couldn't on either platform. And I'm pretty sure all these books hit the bestseller's list.

My hope is that Amazon just started in this market and it will fill out, but the Sony store has been around awhile, and it still has large gaps in those types of series. You think my hope is unfounded?


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