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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
A few comments, Cathy:

First and foremost, I really must object in the strongest possible terms to your completely arbitrary change to the book's title. The book is called "The Secret Garden", not "A Secret Garden". Why did you change it? I believe that one should always respect the author's choice of the title of a book.

Secondly, why all the blank lines? Some people like blank lines between paragraphs; I don't personally, but that's reasonable enough. But why the blanks between every line of verse? I've never seen verse printed like that - have you?
The change in title was a mistake on my part, and quite unintentional. My apologies. I will fix it right away. I was working with A Little Princess and The Secret Garden at the same time, and got the A and The mixed up.

As for the verse, I'll fix that too. I set up a "normal" style, which has the blank line after a paragraph break, and since those lines force a break, they got the blank lines too. Easy to fix.
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