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meme, this looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the effort!

Please forgive me if I sound stupid, but I just can't figure this out.

1. Where would I find the collections.json file. I looked in the Program files and on the Kindle without success? I ended up skipping the backup step. It wasn't the end of the world in since I was very happy to mess up my collections to try and get your plugin to work.

2. I set the plugin up as per your instructions. Even followed the picture. Tested the plugin with 5 books resulting in 11 collections based on (as far as I could ascertain) Series name, Author and Tags. Great so far...

I then changed the columns by just ticking the series criteria but it didn't change the collections on the Kindle. From what I understand it should of changed the collections on the Kindle?

Is there a way to setup the collections by: Author - Series name? No tags or funny things like that.

Some input will truly be appreciated.

Using Win7 x64, Calibre 0.7.44, no tweaks and 1 other plugin (Search the internet)
Ejected and rebooted the Kindle after each attempt. Also restarted Calibre between attempts.
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