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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
At the risk of not being helpful, I confess to be confused myself as to which step in the process you are up to as you seem to indicate a number of questions... lets see if going back to basics help at all...

The normal workflow I would apply is:
  1. Get the books into Calibre. If your book titles exist already on disk with those unusual names, then depending on which Calibre add options you have selected you may require a special regular expression to import them. Otherwise just get them in and edit their names and series to how you like being displayed within Calibre.
  2. Convert the books within Calibre into the format for your output device - in this case for a Kindle you will indeed want to convert to MOBI.
  3. Set your "Save template" in Preferences to reflect how you want the files physically stored on the Kindle when you send them to it.
  4. Use the metadata plugboard in Preferences to ensure that the title metadata in the book (which is what is displayed on the Kindle screen) reflects how you want it displayed on your Kindle.
  5. Install and configure the Kindle collection manager plugin to specify how you want your Kindle collections created. If you are having problems with this step you should raise them in the thread for that plugin
  6. Connect your Kindle and send books to it from Calibre
  7. Use the Kindle plugin to create the collections, following the directions in the first post of the plugin thread.

So which steps have you succeeded with/got stuck on? If it really is just the "collections not working" then again I suggest you post within the thread for that plugin to get support from other users of that plugin? If it is one of the other steps I am sure someone here can help...

Wow...The steps you provided are great...I'm just needing more information for each step.

1. Currently, I edit the title names within my ebooks folder on my pc. After that I upload to Calibre by clicking "ADD BOOKS". I am not sure what you mean by "add options you have selected". I just click "ADD BOOKS", choose the books I want to add and then they are loaded into Calibre. In regards to "Regular Expressions", I've read about them, but I have no idea what they mean, how to use them, or how to make them for that matter. If need be, I can certainly start editing in Calibre instead of on my PC if that is what you think I should do.

I understand the conversion process...I thought MOBI was correct...yay me!

I have no idea about setting my "Save template" in Preferences to reflect how I want the files physically stored on my K3. I have read and read about this, but it doesn't make any sense to me. On my K3 I want my books to read as follows: "A.P.: The Maker's Song 01; Dante, Vampire Series - A Rush of Wings" which would be in the respective collection called "ADRIAN PHOENIX". Now, if this isn't something I can do, I certainly understand. I use the A.P. as a backup for knowing which author is which in case it doesn't end up in the right collection.

4. In regards to the Metadata Plugboard...I have played with that using the information from other people within these forums, and...ya...I haven't gotten very far. I am currently showing: MOBI (format), Kindle2 (Device), {series}{series_index:| |: }{title} (as source template), & Title (Destination Field). I copied this from another person in the forums...but nothing seems to come of it.

I do understand about the Create Kindle Collection hopefully that will work once I get the other stuff figured out....I HATE asking for help...usually I can figure it all out from either reading or fiddling around on my own...but this is just ridiculous! I feel so DUMB!

I appreciate all the help you and Ducks has provided!
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