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PLEASE help me...I'm so confused!!!

Okay, this is my first time posting on a please forgive me if I do something wrong...

I received my K3
I installed Calibre 0.7.44
I installed the Create Kindle Collection Plugin
I've read and read and read "instructions" until frankly I'm so confused I'm ready to scream and cry.

I want to be able to change PDF, Epub, etc to the smallest file size possible for my K3 which I think is the MOBI?

I want to then upload all the conversions into Calibre using Title, Authors, & Series.

On my K3, I want a "collection" for each author that has the books written by that author with the series in the proper order.


BOOK TITLES: A.P. - Heather Wallace, FBI - Dante, Vampire Book 01 - A Rush of Wings
A.P. - Heather Wallace, FBI - Dante, Vampire Book 02 - In the Blood
A.P. - Heather Wallace, FBI - Dante, Vampire Book 03 - Beneath The Skin

Looking at the first book title: The "A.P." is the initials of the actual author just in case they get separated from the collections somehow. The "Heather Wallace, FBI" is the Series name. "Dante, Vampire Book 02 - A Rush of Wings" is the name of the book.

When I upload into Calibre, it shows all information in the correct columns (except the Heather Wallace, FBI has a "[1]" after all three, which I can't get rid of for some reason!!!! IDEAS ON THIS?)

When I upload to my K3....they are not in a collection.

SO. I don't understand. I'm nearly in tears. I've been working on this for over a month now and NOTHING. NOTHING comes close. I've tried doing this Metadata stuff, I've tried plugboards, I've tried templates, but none of it makes any sense!

Are there step by step instructions somewhere that I might have missed? There has to be something somewhere for stupid people like me. I didn't realize how STUPID I was until I wanted to organize my K3....

Please help me ... make it as simple as you can ...
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