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To expand on turtle's request, I have a two-part suggestion.

1: To be a little more flexible, I would like to insert the TOC at wherever I put the "TOC-goes-here" tag (which should ideally immediately precede a "chapter" tag). Why? that would permit building a book like "Title page - inside front cover blurb - publication info - TOC - chapters."

I was trying to build a book like that (but without the toc, knowing pielrf would generate it) and kept wondering why I kept getting an entry in the generated TOC called "undefined" until I realized that (doh!) there had to be something at the beginning, and if I didn't define the first bit as some kind of chapter then it was, of course, undefined.

I've also had difficulty with being unable to break pages without setting a chapter mark, but that's not really important -- I thought * * * was supposed to pagebreak, but it seems to only separate paragraphs.

2: Actually, I lied in part 1. What I really want is "(cover art) - Title page - inside front cover blurb - publication info - TOC - chapters" but I read earlier in this thread that inserting pictures isn't something you're too likely to do. Ah well, this is only a "it would be nice if" request, not a "I really need this feature" request.

I've not done any python programming, but I was looking at your code and it seems to me (and I could be all wet, not a good thing around computers or books) that it ought to be possible to emit some code before you even get around to assembling the TOC -- but I'm really not sure how to do it.

Thank you for writing pielrf - I just got my 505 for Christmas & being the type I am I immediately started loading it up with what I had available, but you have taken care of the hardest part for me with this easy little tool.
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