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Yes I did read the actual sticky. I understand where he’s coming from, I really do. I just think there is a better way to go about this. I’m not some huge online re-seller of electronics, I don’t have some big feedback bank to point people to. I’m just someone who is trying to declutter my house in the most environmentally responsible way possible. How do I respond when what is probably a well known and respected moderator calls me out as a con artist?

Yes, the sticky says that Dr. Drib is in no way impungning on the character of the OP, but because of the method being used, that is essentially exactly what he is doing. A Sticky reminding people to be careful when dealing with monentary transactions online is totally fine, but individually calling out every single newcomer as some sort of scammer until he/she proves otherwise just feels hostile to me and I'd rather not deal with that. I’ll just ship the cybook off to be recycled and move on. I’m out.
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