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Ah, not really sure how I'm supposed to respond to that. Yes I did sign up for this board specifically to sell my ereader, as I've listed it elsewhere on the web without much luck. I thought I'd try a forum with a specific ebooks/ereader audience.

I understand that there are not so nice people in the world trying to scam you out of your hard earned money. Anytime you engage in any type of transaction with another individual on the internet you assume some sort of risk. However, I resent the fact that you immediately jumped all over my post and announced to any potential buyer, in huge green letters, that you think I am some sort of evil scum trying to con folks out of their money and now it seems to be my job to prove otherwise. Thanks for that. I am simply trying to find a home, other than a landfill, for a hardly used electronic device and yes, if I can recoup some of the cost of said device, that would be nice.
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