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Speakers Popping Sound Update

Hi, it's me again. I know I'm very persistent, but I did wish that 2.0.4 would fix the issue with my speakers popping whenever I press something AFTER the LED is off. However, 2.0.4 did not fix it.

I just figured out something I wish to share so you can help me find a way to fix it or, better yet, fix it in the next firmware release.

I just found out that when I am charging the device, it is deadly quiet (which is what I want). I think the problem may be current surges that would happen whenever I press a button or trigger the G-sensor after the LED goes off, which may mean that the device is put into some kind of power saving mode.

Another way to make it quiet with the crackling noise is, surprisingly, to play some MP3 in the background. Then LED stays on, and I don't hear any noise even though I set the volume to mute.

I currently suspect current surges are the culprits because the faults are not due to the speakers since it happens also when I plug my headphones in. If I plug in my headphones before the device boots up, I can hear the noise very loud and clearly (I encourage you to try it out and see if it's true for your device). It also happens when I turn the device off.

Right now, I am using a dummy headphone jack to mute and also protect the speakers. I hope this can be easily fixed with software. However, just in case it is the hardware issue, are the speakers unpluggable?

Thank you.
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