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significantly enhanced contrast (for djvu files) 90x,60x

A while back I reported a bug on the djvu file viewer:

for those not familiar with the djvu file at all, here is the wiki entry of mobileread for djvu files:

In a nutshell: the djvu file is a very advanced format for storing scanned books efficiently. Accordingly many books scanned by google, which are stored on are saved in the djvu file as well. Normally you won't have a white background in those old books (unless it was digitally removed). Now djvu has the option just to display the foreground and just ignore the background. And in the source text it is a single line as I reported in the bug report. I went through the effort in writing to the Guys in Kiev and pointed them to that particular line.. nothing happened.

So tonight, I went through the trouble and recompiled the old djvu file viewer from pocketbook-free (which ment, that I had to first recompile all the corresponding djvulibre libraries, which kept me occupied for quite a while). Finally, I changed the line to not render the page as "color" but display either only the foreground or just display the text mask.

The results are stunning. What a contrast you can get out of that ebook!

In a while I will upload some screenshots. Then you can make your own judgement. At the moment, I've just added the new compiled viewer just to the context menu so that I have the choice to either open it with low contrast in "colour mode" (the default mode. It might be useful if you have primarily picutres in your djvu file and not text) or in the high contrast mode, which is obviously a pleasure to the eye when reading text.

And in the end we want to be reading text with our ebook reader, don't we?

Is there some interest in the contrast enhanced djviewer app? Shall I upload it as well?


Newest Version here/ Neueste Version hier/Новейшая версия здесь

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