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Problem adding books to the Nc after root.

New member, been lurking the forums for answers to questions i have had. but i cant find an answer to this one, and i cant find an answer on XDA

AutoNootered 1.0.1

havent gotten around to doing the 1.1 upgrade yet. Anyway, when i was unrooted i would add books (.epub) via Calibre (i had to do the mobi convert to get covers to show). So the books would then be added to the Books section in the library.

But since ive rooted, the books dont go into the book section, the go into "my files" in the library, and the covers dont show. And when i do read them this way, they cant be quick launched from the "keep reading" button on the bottom of the screen.

any idea on whats causing this? ive searched, but maybe im not using the right terms. i dont know.

also, now that i am rooted, is there any way to add a shortcut to the book from the home screen?

edit: i would add the books via Calibre with the nook connected via USB and then i would transfer to main memory.

double edit: using Zeam, the "keep reading" button on the bottom doesnt seem to work, i guess that rules that out. but i would still like the books to show in the my books section as the covers dont seem to work in my files. and i would still like to place a shortcut to it on the homescreen.
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