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Battery life, indexing, and corrupt files

I've identified some problems with my Kindle, and Amazon is shipping me a new one in 10 days. I've had mine for about 5 days.

1. My battery lasts one day - roughly 12 hours. With the wireless it's much less. It lasts no more than 2 hours with active use of the wireless.

2. There were 5 files on my SD card that alternately were indexed, and then were NOT indexed. I'd do a search, and sometimes it would say that certain items were not searchable (in other words - they weren't indexed yet), and then a few hours later, a search didn't yield that same message, so it was as if the indexing had completed. But the next day, those same files would be listed again as not being searchable. A search a few hours later then revealed no non-indexed files again. It went back and forth like that several times. I know from reading experiences from others, that files that are corrupt will cause the Kindle to chug away at indexing them, and drain the battery. What puzzles me is the incidences of everything appearing indexed. Anyway, I deleted the files in question, and will test the battery life to see if that was the source of the problem. If the Kindle magically lasts 5x longer, then I'll assume the kindle's problems were due to corrupt files, and cancel the replacement.

However, I do hope folks can answer my questions about how files become corrupt.

The files were from a mixture of sources - project gutenberg, feedbooks, and at least one was one I built myself (source material was a text file from gutenberg, that I formatted and built myself using mobipocket creator). Another was built in mobipocket creator by another member, using Gutenberg as the source.

ALL were on the 1-meg SD card.

1. Could the source of the problem have been the SD card? Perhaps bad sectors? Could re-formatting it help? Would formatting it via a windows machine, and an SD card reader cause it to be unusable in my Kindle?

2. If the SD card isn't the problem, would the source of the corruption have been the copying the files from my machine to the SD card? Or would it have been the downloading process from the internet to my machine?

3. What about the file I created myself? Where would the source of the corruption have been there?

Anything else I should try?

Cathy Weeks
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