Thread: PRS-505 PRS-505: Battery or Screen?
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PRS-505: Battery or Screen?

My PRS-505 recently started displaying static vertical and horizontal lines on the screen. I've searched the posts and this probably means a broken screen. But two characteristics give me hope.

Some lines are static but when I change pages I notice that elements from the previous page remain on the current one. When I switch again the elements from the first page are gone but elements from the second page remain on the third.

Also the battery drains *very* quickly. After about 7 page flips it's just about dead.

Could this be indicative of only a bad battery? Might the screen be just fine? I ask because I can't take the expense of changing the battery if I need to buy a new reader anyway.

So, what do y'all say? Shall I just take the bite of a new reader? (which I was hoping to delay until Fall) Or should I take a chance on replacing the battery? (which I can do myself for about $35)

Any and all advice is welcome!
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