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nickdma began at the beginning.
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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
Thanks for continuing the legwork on this one and also to Kovid for his thoughts which have confirmed a few things. ...
I lack the skills to write the code, but I'm willing to do the legwork to make it happen if someone else is able to code it

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
Look forward to any clarification you are able to glean on that throughput stuff and see what happens...
Originally Posted by GoodReads
We're doing some averaging, any simple goodreads client is fine. Spiders are typically not acceptable.

If you'd doing over 60 requests a minute, this is an issue, but typically we'll warn you before banning.
They vaguely answered me. I think the API statement is there as a KYA to give them a reason to ban an app for abuse, especially since they reference "spiders" in the reply. I think they could have used better wording, since any popular app in use by a sufficient number of users will exceed that threshold.

While I suspect a GoodReads plugin such as this would be popular with Calibre, and I suspect Calibre is popular, I find it hard to imagine it would appear on GoodRead's radar as abusive. If anything, it should bring additional traffic to their site, as users would still need to go there to SEE their shelves.
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