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Searching the forums, there appears to be some interest in the ability to track read/reading lists with GoodReads. There's also people who desire not to have any "social" integration with Calibre. It seems like a plugin would be a nice compromise.

Looking over the GoodReads api, they have a few basic URL's that can be called to add a book to a user's shelf. This seems like it would make it relatively easy to create a GUI plugin to attach to the context menu. Right-click -> send to GoodReads read shelf, send to GoodReads reading shelf, etc.

Maybe kiwidude would consider forking a copy of the Search the Internet plugin into a GoodReads Add to Shelf plugin? I think the only added bits needed would be to register the app with GoodReads for an API key, and add the OAuth handling to login to user's accounts.

It would almost even be a reasonable candidate to fold into Search the Internet.

I know you can do this type of thing with custom columns in Calibre. My wife and kids all share a copy of my library though, so that doesn't work very well. I'm sure there are users who enjoy the social aspect of GoodReads as well, and would prefer to push things out that way rather than in Calibre.

We generally select a number of books to send to our readers, so it would make sense to also do a "GoodReads -> Send to reading shelf" at the same time. Then, next time we plugin our readers to Calibre, we can select the books on device that we've read and do "GoodReads -> Send to read shelf".

I'm sure others would come up with their own workflows.

Any takers? I kinda know what needs to be done, it's the doing part that I'm lacking in

Can't wait to see the new Search the Internet plugin. I've been going through cleaning up my library, and I can't imagine how I got by without it before. That and Open With have made this task much more efficient, huge thanks kiwidude!!
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