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Test App For Browsing For A Good Kindle Book To Read

Book Search (new "Speech" capability is supported)
Sample Kindle Books Online!!
Added two new genres, Politics and Current Events as well as Business.
Now >40,000 Kindle books to browse.

Hi everyone,

Over the holidays I toyed around with scratching an itch I've had for a loooong time regarding Amazon and the difficulty in sort of just browsing about for a Kindle book. It's just too hard to casual browse through the offerings. e.g. Click get some list of books, scroll, click scroll, reject, back button, back button, ... too slow, too many clicks. So I came up with a small chrome web app.


The Problem I'm Trying To Solve: Can't browse the long tail of Amazon's Kindle book offerings quickly and easily. I want to somehow recapture the feeling of "speed" browsing a bookshelf at my local book store with the goal of checking out as many books as possible in the least amount of time. I don't want to replace Amazon's shopping or using the various social books sites for recommendations, just offering a complementary alternative means to "finding a good book to read".

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