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ClockworkMod Recovery

What is clockworkmod?
Most android devices have a way to recover from serious errors and restore the OS to a working state. The BN Nook ships with a method to restore the 1.0.0 version (as of 2/20/11) of the BN android software via 8 failed reboots. This function resides in the 'boot' partition of your device. Clockworkmod (CWM) is a replacement for this function that offers more features. If installed into internal memory, it removes the BN 8-boot recovery. It can now also be run from the SD card.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of CWM?
  1. You can make as many system level backups (nandroid backups) at any state that you want. The BN recovery is limited to flashing 1.0.0 OS. The nandroid backups have a full snapshot of both your OS and apps at the point in time you made the backup. You can now feel free to try crazy changes and get back to where your were without having to reroot or reupdate from 1.0.0
  2. You can easily install modifications offered by Nook hackers: e.g. you can try out faster overclocking kernels
  3. You can get into recovery easily -- either by booting into it via Rom Manager or by n+power, no 8 failed boots needed.
  4. Simply running CWM does not wipe your device, if your Nook unexpectedly boots into recovery (either because it thinks there have been 8 failed boots or there is a BN glitch) it will not trigger a restore/wipe like the stock BN recovery will.
Disadvantages to installing CWM to internal memory:
  1. It's a hassle to go completely back to stock 1.0.0 because you'll need to download the images from the net, they aren't on your device anymore.
  2. If there is a bug in CWM and it doesn't work, you'll have to reimage from SD to restore BN recovery
How do I install clockworkmod to internal memory?
  1. A 1.0.1 rooted Nook (installing CWM to a 1.1 rooted Nook does not appear to work reliably (results in bootlooping into CWM), but you can install it on a 1.0.1 rooted Nook and then upgrade to rooted 1.1 using the prerooted update).
  2. SD card in your Nook with at least 1G free space (for your nandroid backup)
  3. Comfort with writing an image to SD card (in case of error) -- but you probably already did this when you rooted.
  4. Working market
  5. Internet access on the Nook
  6. Good amount of charge on your battery and optionally plug in to AC (not a PC USB port) for extra security. The nandroid backup can take 5-10 minutes and you don't want to run out of power.
  1. Install Rom Manager
  2. Launch Rom Manager
  3. Tap Flash ClockworkMod Recovery (it should find and confirm 'Nook Color')
  4. REQUIRED: power off your Nook and reboot.
  5. Launch Rom Manager, tap Reboot into Recovery
  6. REQUIRED: Follow these instructions starting from make a nandroid backup. You must do this immediately or you will have no onboard restore option.
  7. (optional) Copy the backup folder to your PC for safekeeping (you'll find it in /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup)

How do I use CWM from an SD card?
Make a CWM bootable SD card. Good ones are listed in the Monster Rootpack thread on XDA. If you want to use it to make nandroid backups, you'll need a bigger SD card (2gb or more) and make sure to download the appropriate size clockword mod image (the first post in the thread lists links to various size SD card images you can use). After creating the SD card, power off your Nook, insert the CWM SD card and reboot. You'll boot up into CWM. Thanks Rayven01 for confirming this works well.

I have CWM in my Nook internal memory, how do I launch CWM if my device isn't working and I can't launch Rom Manager?
Power off your Nook and then hold the N button and the power button for about 5 seconds after 'Touch the Future of Reading' comes up and release. Here is a video of the process.

How do I navigate CWM?
Use volume +/- to move up/down in menus, the n button to select, and the power button to go back.

I have CWM in internal memory, how can I get the BN recovery back?
Use Monster Rootpack (with instructions) that can make a bootable SD with clockworkmod. Make one.

Then power off your Nook, put the SD in, and power it on and:
  1. From the Clockwork Recovery home screen use the volume buttons to navigate to “Install Package from SD Card” and press the home (“n” button) to select it.
  2. Select “Browse for Package”
  3. Navigate to optional/ then select
  4. Select “Yes”, then wait for the process to complete.
  5. Power off, remove the SD card and reboot.

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