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Root of problem?

The root issue is not restricted to Sony Readers.
I have just started evaluating Calibre to manage my ePub library for my iPad.
I have imported a couple of hundred ePubs, and gone through them and updated the covers of those I didnt like with better ones - this would be a very common first step for Calibre users I would imagine, its the next most important thing after getting your book in the right format for your reader of choice, getting a cover that actually inspires you to read it rather than wanting to barf.
And yet this very simple step is not actually simple in Calibre. The new cover doesnt show up in iTunes or on the device itself when the updated title is dragged from the Calibre library.
It looks like just updating the cover in "Edit metadata" should do it, but it doesnt. Calibre now shows the new cover, but doesnt actually update the ePub! It doesnt tell you anywhere its not updating the ePub.
Its not in the FAQ.
In fact everything in the help section would make you think you only had to edit the metadata via the menus, but its not true.
It actually looks like you need to manually save the file as another version to pickup the changes - which just seems crazy! Why do we have to go through all that, having either multiple copies of the same file, or risking screwing up a nicely formatted ePub by 're-converting' over the top of it!
Am I missing something, or is changing the cover this counter-intuitive?

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