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Collections by only certain tags

This plugin looks very good to me. I have been thinking a lot of times how nice it would be to be able to manage collections from calibre. Now finally your plugin.
Great. Thanks for the efforts.

I have about 400 Books and a multitude of tags. I usually download "social metadata" and keep the tags. I just add my own tags.

Would it be possible to create collections only by certain tags from a list? (e.g. Non-fiction, Romance, Classic literature, Fantasy, ) and leave all other tags aside?

imo tags are a lot easier to edit than custom columns, but i do tag about contents that i would not create my collections on.

E.g. Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" i would tag as "crime" and "classical literature" but maybe also as "drugs" or even "drug abuse"

This book should be in "crime" and "classical literature" but there shouldn't be any collections as "drugs" or "drug abuse".
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