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Originally Posted by Manichean View Post
Just edit your metadata. You can change the metadata fields to (almost) anything you like.
Yes, thats correct. But if i have to add some letters ( 2 ore 3) in Front of the title, this would be a boring work when i have to do this with 100 books.
It would've been helpful to know what you tried. What you need to do is add a custom column. There are instructions on how to do so in the manual.
I've made a extra row, named "nr." and i want to fill it with a seriall number, beginning with the number i choose. As an example i take 40 books, mark them and go to create and change the metadata for them at once. And than there i want to give the order to number these 40 books in the row "nr." as i want it.

Hope i explained it good enough

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