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Using Calibre to stock my iPad kindle app - sorting question

Hi there, long time lurker, first time poster

I'm using Calibre to convert my non-amazon files to mobi, then I drag and drop the files into iTunes under the apps/file sharing section. I'm using all the default settings in Calibre. It's working really well, except for one thing.

When I look at my library on the kindle app, the author sorting isn't right.

For instance, take James Ellroy. He should be appearing under E like this to match my kindle store purchases: Ellroy, James

Instead he appears under J as: James, Ellroy,

I've tried changing the author sort in Calibre to the following:

Ellroy, James
Ellroy James
James Ellroy
James, Ellroy

None of the above seem to work. Any ideas on what I should do? I've tried googling for the answer but no-one seems to be having this specific problem. I'm a bit scared to mess around in the 'tweaks' section for fear of messing something up.

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