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New PDF support is amazing

I'm at CES and just came from the Sony booth. I was talking with their expert and he showed me a prototype. The small size is how the PDF looks in it's natural state (A4 or whatever squished onto the screen). He hit the magnifier and BAM! It's pretty awesome. Right now it strips out images, and he said they had some weird bugs to iron out and he said it is a bit slower then they want (though I didn't notice this problem), but it's coming. I can tell they are really behind it and Digital Editions because one of my other big points was making books, and he said he's really in touch with the developing community and recommends authoring in PDF at the specifications they give because the reflow will be coming out. He seemed really supportive and impressed with the stuff that is out now though. Great stuff coming if you own a Reader. I'm not sure why this didn't get more attention on the site, unless there was a previous announcement I missed.
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