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Originally Posted by meme View Post

Ah - a typo in my instructions. I've updated it now, thanks.

First - download the newest version of the script and update your tweaks to the new format (restart after setting the tweak), so you would now use:
create_kindle_collections_usecolumns = {
"series": [ "_ ", 1 ],
"tags": [ "- ", 1 ]

You can also restart in Debug mode as above to see a report showing the tweaks and what collections are being created, etc. - maybe that can pinpoint what's going one

What are you doing to 'manage collections'? - those error messages are from Calibre not the plugin. Calibre can't manage Kindle's collections by default, though it can read them.
Well, I think I have it working now. That change you gave me worked perfectly. To 'manage collections' I was using the manage collections button in Calibre. I am guessing it doesn't work though. I will play with it some more and let you know if I come across anything that looks funky. So far so good this is a great tool!
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