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Originally Posted by Buggins View Post
Cool Reader 3 Android port is available on Market

CoolReader is free, cross platform, open source (GPL2) e-book viewer.

Supported formats
  • FB2 - full support, including images, styles, footnotes, tables
  • TXT, TCR - automatic reformatting of paragraphs, with heading detection
  • HTML - partial support, but includes css styles, tables, lists, etc.
  • EPUB - supported styles, images, tables, TOC. Not supported: SVG, embedded fonts, MathML
  • RTF - limited support, no images, styles supported partially
  • CHM - limited support

  • View as paper book pages or scroll
  • One or two pages in landscape mode
  • Internal file browser to open books
  • Configurable font face, size, style, interline space, text color, background (solid color, tiled or stretched image)
  • External fonts, background images, CSS styles
  • Book coverpages in file browser
  • Supports install on SD (Android 2.2+)
  • Customizable tap zone actions
  • Customizable key actions (including volume keys)
  • Can lock sensor screen and trackball
  • Can set custom display backlight brightness

Project page on SourceForge
Manual Wiki
Russian forum

Please post your objections and feature requests under this topic.
I couldn't find Cool Reader 3 on Market ....
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