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Originally Posted by meme View Post
Are you using "" as the prefix?
Exactly. I figured it out just before you replied - I did not expect to see collections an books in the same list. I have put "- " back and now it sorts them alphabetically. So that issue is solved.

However as CWatkinsNash pointed out, it would be much nicer if sorting collections alphabetically in "collections" also worked. It makes much sense to use it that way sometimes. You'd have alphabetical collection (auhors) listing, but with recent items on top.

And an option to choose how many books by the same author (or tag or series) would trigger creating collections would be really nice, but I'm repeating myself...

GUI interface - great idea! Especially if you can incorporate collection prefix characters and options to pre-sort and minimum books to trigger collection creating.

In any case - big thanks for doing this! I can't believe something like this is no part of default firmware design, but this is the next best thing. As it doesn't have to be done often, restarting Kindle is not a big PITA.

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