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Originally Posted by meme View Post
1. You need to change the sort order on the Kindle to Title - see the Tips section above. At least, it sounds like the issue. This will mean you see all your collections in alphabetical order and then your books. Sorting by Collections is showing the collections in most recently accessed order. Right now I'm not putting a timestamp on the file since I use sort by Title. I'll consider putting a timestamp to sort them initially -but as soon as you access a collection it will jump to the top of the list and mess up your order - which is why sort by Title is nicer.
Nope, it doesn't work. If I choose "Title" in sorting options on the top - Kindle does not display any collections at all - just whopping 61 pages of books, one by one. To display collections I have to choose "collections" and I don't see any sorting method just for collections, so all I see is random names all over the place. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to choose sorting method for collections display?
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