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Originally Posted by cmbs View Post
I just don't feel obligated to provide you with something you can take apart, nor do I think anyone else is obligated to do so. There's nothing wrong with doing so, but at the same time, it's not obligatory.

Instead of complaining you can't take it apart, maybe you could have the attitude of being thankful for what someone did create and share.
It is disingenuous to take what I or anyone else in this thread has written as 'complaining you can't take it apart.'

I do prefer to be able to re-format some things, and I said so in polite, friendly terms. This response is a little excessive for the discussion we're having, in my opinion, and is a little upsetting - I feel like the tone of the thread has been constructive. Responding in harsh tones is a great way to discourage new members like myself from posting their thoughts.

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