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Hi, I know this thread has been inactive for awhile, but hopefully someone will see this and be able to help. I'm trying to build mobi/prc files from epubs and consistently get the error message: "Hyperlink not resolved in tocblah blah blah)" I'm using an NCX file, and I've noticed that this error always seems to occur when attempting to make a nested TOC using anchors... the error occurs at the first sign of an anchor using #.
Example: <content src="Chapter1.xhtml#section1"/>
This corresponds to a paragraph in the file "Chapter1.xhtml" that has the id tag, that is: <p id="section1">Text text text</p>.
I've looked around a bunch of threads here and elsewhere and haven't been able to find a solution... can anyone help?
(Note: I am sometimes, though not always, able to convert these epubs to mobi format using kindlegen, but I need to use mobipocket creator to add DRM.)
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