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The straightened paperclip in the tiny hold under the back cover is the solution. I've had it happen to me, and that always works. You won't hurt the battery by leaving the wireless on, but you can leave it on always like I do by rescharging it every single night. I love to read in bed, so I keep my charger right beside my pillow. In fact the Kindle is the only kind of a "book" that I can really read in bed, since it takes just one hand to hold it and change pages, which I can't do with a regular book. Kindle says the battery will last longer if you recharge it frequently, rather than let it run dry, and then recharge. Incidentally, I reall love my Kindle -- it is much easier on one's eyes than a backlit reader, plus with the wireless turned off, a charge lasts more than a week. My laptop won't even last two hours.
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