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A Short & Sad Kindle Story


Amazon Kindle Support has not gotten back to me and I hope you can help. In a moment, I will tell you a long sad story, one full of red herrings. Before that let me tell you my symptom:

--I am on the sreen saver and no action I can take will make it do anything else.

OK. Got the device on 24 December. It worked fine. I like it. Took it on the redeye to Houston. Left it on (with Whispernet also on). It went blank. Once I got here in Mexico I plugged it in and it worked fine. I suspect I killed the battery by leaving the wireless on.

I am now in Mexico. I powered down and removed the SD card. It fired right back up.

I am now in the state I discribed above. I have the screen saver art and nothing I can do can change it. I have done everything but one thing. I have repeatedly:
-Turned off and on power (why does the screen saver not go away with no power?)
-Turned off and on the wireless.
-Turned both off and on.
-Pressed Alt + Caps + R (soft reset).
-Pressed Alt + Font Size.
-Done all these things when it is plugged in and when it is not.
-- I have NOT used the pinhole in the back. Yet.

Hoiw ought I to proceed?

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