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I found this site by doing a google search for "rooted nook color". This was before I actually had the nook and was doing research because I knew I wanted to try to access more features than what the stock system offered.

"But there's a similar mystery surrounding our discovery of cool gadgets. How do we find out about them?"

My gadget seeking started after I got my first smartphone. I had a tracfone for about a year and eventually went to a contract phone/plan. Smartphones were on my radar, so after I got the first one--tmobile wing--the apps on there opened up a whole new techie world. I can't remember when I got broadband, but that is another feature that opened up the power of the internet for me. Since then I've spent a small fortune on smartphones, computers and lastly ereaders. I have smartphones that are just collecting dust so I wanted to be smarter with my ereader purchase. My first was a pandigital that went to my mom, but wasn't powerful enough for me. I narrowed my selection to the nook color or galaxy tab. The Xoom interest me, but its too big and the suspected price of $800 is over my budget. Plus it wasn't on the market yet. Notion Ink was another product I was looking at, but its not readily on the market either.

I LOVE technology, so I don't think I'll ever stop buying long as I have a job anyway.
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