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Question Kobo eReader vs Kobo Wireless eReader

I've been looking into eReaders and have seen all sorts of options, but after finding out about the Kobo I was very keen to try one out. I loved the idea of a simple eReader that just worked with epubs. However, I didn't see the need for a wifi enabled version so I picked up a Kobo eReader for $98 from Wal-Mart Canada in Edmonton, Alberta.

On taking it home, it appears to be a returned machine - it had a bunch of books associated with someone's gmail address. I performed a factory reset and checked the version:
Software Version: 1.8.2 (r22616, Dec 21 2010)
Revision: 99

I loaded the desktop application and sync'd the device. It appears to have the 4 books from Wal-Mart loaded into the library on the desktop application.

I put an 8Gb SDHC card into the eReader and it recognises it. I placed some eBooks on the card and I could read them.

I am happy with the page turn speed and the refresh rate. It is a shame I received a returned unit, but I guess that serves me right for not inspecting the device before I got it.

My comments:
So far, I love it. It's small, functional, and does what it says on the tin - reads epubs, and reads them easily. The page turn speed is good. I wish the boot time was a little faster, but I have nothing to compare it to, because this is my first ebook reader. It processes new content on the SDHC card a little slowly but it accesses it nice and fast. Overall I am very pleased with the feel of the device.

My questions to the assembled experts and enthusiasts:
1. What are the advantages of the wifi version over the standard version? I
would consider returning my current version and upgrading if there is
suitable justification.

2. Will Kobo implement a dictionary feature at some point? I'm not looking
for a date, I'm just interested to know.

3. Will Kobo implement a method of keeping multiple bookmarks at some point?
Continuing from where I last read is enough for now.

4. Will Kobo support annotation / notes at some point?

5. Why do my 100 free books not appear on my desktop application?

6. Why do my books on my SDHC card not appear on my desktop application?
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