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Originally Posted by nekokami View Post
so capturing a digital recording from an audio stream is probably also legal. I seriously doubt this is where most of the "piracy" is coming from.
I doubt this, too. And regarding recording from a stream: Here in Germany it is definitely legal to capture the analog output of a digital music file and record it, provided the digital file was legally acquired. This way you can also make legal copies from copy protected sources. But who would put so much effort into this when doing it illegally is so much easier.

Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
The costs to produce CDs since the beginning have come WAY DOWN. yet the prices do not reflect this. All that happened is the price went up. The RIAA would get more sales if they lowered the price. I remember when CDs used to be $8.99-$9.99 on sale and $11.99-$12.99 regular. Now, $12.99-$14.99 is on sale.
But the costs for producing the actual CD is the smaller if not the smallest part of all costs. Artist, manager, producer, publisher, advertiser ... they all want a piece of the cake. And because of inflation, prices are easily 40-50 % higher than they were 10 or 15 years ago. Taking this into account, the inflation adjusted price of a CD will hardly be much higher than some 15 years ago. At least I doubt this very much.

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