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Originally Posted by paolamanzini View Post
Hi Roos, did you make any progress with that?
None of the themes work in PB903, and what is worse you do not even see all of the themes after you copy them in the system/theme directory on the device.
ah, not much to play around with
Unfortunately i get no response, so i have no clue how to get to the original theme. Be that as it may, i had a theme (sheep) working on 2.03 but only for a very short time because it started complaining widget config data not found and such. some functions worked, but only once Changing the shape of the main menu was one of those, after i tried one and did not like it there was no way to get back So i had to clean out all data, finally had to reflash the firmware because the still where things wrong after a 'clean slate'.
Not very successful eh? Strange enough i hear some people say that the themes work on the 60x series, so it should work on the 90x, the config files etc are on the same places and contain similar data.
So i have given up, struggling with FBReader180 atm cant seem to get to settings or any other option, because it crashes
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