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epub Margins in iBooks on iPhone/iPod Touch

The margins for uploaded epubs in iBooks are way too large for comfortable reading on such a small device. I know that I can use the tweak epub tool to access the CSS and edit the parts that are causing these giant margins on a small screen, but I would have to do this for each individual book in my library of over 100 ebooks.

Is there anyway to strip the CSS from my books all at once? Is there a way to create an epub iPhone/iPod Touch Output for the converter that will reset the margins? Could someone point me in the right direction?


EDIT TO ADD: I have tried epub to epub conversions to get rid of the margins without luck. epub>txt>epub worked, but it lost the ToC. epub>lit>epub didn't.

(I apologize if this should have been a reply to an earlier post about this problem, but when I went to reply the forum suggested that the post was too old to expect a reply there. Also, most of those posts have had no response other than "edit the css.")

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