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Lucyloo said
I've read about the issues on the Nook and Nook Color about sideloaded books appearing ad dissapearing from shelves and not able to put on the home screen. Aside from those, I'm interested in sort of the overall experience with sideloading. Do I really have to sort them all onto shelves again? Will they alphabetize automatically?

I've sideloaded about 100 books onto my nook classic in the month I've had it. No problem at all with sideloaded books disappearing. No problem with the 50 B & N books I've downloaded either. I use Calibre to organize my 4000 book library on my laptop and that's how I transfer books to my nook. It is very easy to drop and drag too but a color thumbnail of the book's cover shows on the nook if you use Calibre.

After sideloading, you can set the nook to automatically display books by the last name of author, the title, or date or display them on their shelves sorted one of the three ways.

chas0039 said:
"Lastly, and worst, there is no searching within sideloaded books. So if I want to look at a book title starting with the word "The". I get to hit the right page turn button, Oh... about 125 times to get to those titles. ALL of these problems are solved in nookLibrary when I rooted."
I do searches for both titles and authors on my sideloaded books all the time. The "search" option is in the same place in both the "B & N " books and the "my documents" folder .
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