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I also updated to the new firmware and the things that annoyed me in 2.0.3 are still here:

- there's no step between font sizes 9 and 12 in adobe reader while reading epubs

- the fbreader still f*ckes up the formatting of epubs (like putting a headline in normal font to the left, when in adobe reader it is bold and in the middle), also adobe reader renders letters much better than fbreader

- the 'fitwidth' option when reading pdfs in adobe reader does nothing, it is absolutely the same as 100% in normal view

- there's no option for 115% in adobe reader in pdf mode

- when zooming a pdf in pdfreader there's an ugly big margin on the left side when the right side is without any margin

I didn't try any other things, since I bought this device for reading and not for surfing the internet and whatnot. But I'm disappointed I have to say. I don't think these issues will get fixed. A changelog would be interesting though.

*edit*: I just found out the usage of the dictionary actually worsened in Adobe Reader. I laid the dictionary function to the long pressed menu button. If I do that, the reader still crashes (that's the same behavior as before) and when accessing the dic over the main menu still produces just a single short, 'cursor-like' stripe instead of marking the whole word, but now switching between words takes a lot longer, I have to push the button at least twice to switch from one word to another. Annoying. I cannot see a single thing enhanced (well the keypad now looks nicer)

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