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Ok! So I did it! YAY me! Actually, I have to give credit to this youtube video for giving me the courage to try it lol.

The only thing is that my nook booted up on its own rather then waiting for me to turn it back on, but it seems to have worked. Now I am playing around with some games in the nook market... just downloaded a couple freebies to give it a try. Now the problem is, I can't find where it put them. I thought it would be in extras, but I can't find them there. When I do a search for "solitare" it shows it as being in extras, but the only way I can find it to play it is to do a search for it... Hmmmm

Anyone know what is up?

Edited to add - Nevermind - I shut it down and rebooted it and there they are... Now I need to decide how to set it up with different pages like scion has on hers.

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