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Originally Posted by Crowl View Post
When I got my 505, the 3g feature wasn't important at all to me either, but after trying the kindle app out on my ipad and then my phone, the benefits of things like synching your position in your book automatically just became so useful to me that when I got an e-ink device with a pearl screen that the k3 was the easy choice.

As far as the way I use my ereaders, I was never one to try and load up all my books on there right away, I have some loaded besides the one I am reading and just load more on it as I need them either via Calibre or the Amazon store itself with some of the bargain priced stuff on the latter seeming to be very well suited to impulse purchases of books that I would not otherwise have come across.

One area that I wish the kindle would improve on would be the organisation of larger amounts of books on a device as the sony setup for this is just so much better for that.
Total agreement, I have loaded not only all my Kindle books onto my iPad but also went back and loaded all my SAMPLES on the iPad Kindle app. I think Amazon's sample downloads are the best thing to happen to booklovers: because you don't have to buy books so you won't forget about them, which is why I currently have three (3) bookcases full of unread books. Now I just download the samples and get to them if and when I get to them, problem solved. And so quick! Catalogs for books constantly come to the house (I can't think why) and I go thru them and download samples from Amazon onto my iPad instantly. This is so wrong!!! And deeply satisfying.

But you are right, I also wish Amazon's app had several more ways to organize books: the Sony Reader IS better for organizing. They have these groupings you can make, and I would love to do that on the iPad app: World War I, novels, novel samples, etc. Can't organize groups with the native iPad Books from Apple, either.

I hate, really hate, the Sony upload via computer method. It constantly crashes and all my books vanish (I have a PRS-500, first out, never do that). I have to get them back from the hard drive. I can't live like this, so I am repeatedly looking up when a Sony app for the iPad will be available ---- but if they are looking to sell the devices rather than the books like Amazon emphasizes, why should Sony ever make an app for iPad? So I'm reading up the seven or so books left on it so I can retire it.
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