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Hello Anico and a warm welcome to the forum,
I presume you don't mean bluetooth but wlan file transfers.
there was a similar request in the German forum and so I wrote a program to do this. This app is called webdown in this thread, for example post #35.
I wrote this to the specific needs which were mentioned during the discussion there. So it may or may not be of a help to you.
One of the preconditions for example was that the user had easy access to a webserver.

I personally transfer all files wirelessly to my pocketbook. I don't use webdown but I use the remote shell program I wrote because most of the time it is just one or two files to transfer and not a whole lot of them.

Which operating system do you use? If you use linux there is a simple command to access the current folder over http using python (make also sure iptables is allowing incoming connections).
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
Then I log in to the pocketbook, change into the desired folder and just type at the prompt:
Another way would be to point the browser directly to the correct url instead of using the remote shell access.

Maybe if you could post some more details, like how many files you want to transfer at a time, which operating system you use and how frequently you expect you would use the program I might be able to write a program which suits your needs.

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