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Originally Posted by shousa View Post

I challenge even one of the forum members to say they actually can use it for all their paperback needs, including keeping ebooks forever, buying all the books they want (can only get 1 of Colleen McCulloughs critically famous Masters of Rome Series) the list goes on eg multiple web pages of any reasonable size do not work etc etc etc
I actually like the Masters of Rome series but the fact that it is not completley available to buy as ebooks is not a valid reason to slate ebooks, Currently in europe you will have a hard time finding "The Grass Crown" and "Ceasars Women" as the UK editions are currently out of print.

If I started ranting that pbooks were useless because the books I wanted to read were not available, people would laugh at me and rightly so.

There are many other bestselling historical fiction titles available as ebooks, many of them dealing with the same time period.

From a cost point of view it should be esier to campaign for a book to be realesed as an ebook than to convince a publisher to reprint a back list title that they may not be able to sell.

Ebooks are not in their infancy any more but could be considered to be in kindergarten. Lots of new titles are available and publishers are bringing their back list over as they see fit.

So yes, blame a publisher if a title from their back list is not yet available in electronic form but dont slate the entire industry.
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