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Originally Posted by BestTim View Post
Got a Nook for x-mas. Gift from a friend as I could not afford one myself. Children are expensive, especially at Christmas time. Most of the friends I hang out with have all settled on the Nook and she loaded a couple hundred books on it that she thought I might like before giving it to me. I've not had an E-Book reader before and I think I might really like this thing after having used it for a few days.

Had a bit of difficulty getting it hooked to the WiFi, but a few tweaks of the router took care of that issue, and I still need to register it with B&N. I understand one must set up an account with the web site before doing that though.

And now two of my favorite things start with the letters n-o-o-k.

Gotta love that
Hi Tim--I'm new here--this is my first post. I got the Nook for my birthday--January 17th, and cannot figure out how to get wifi. I have a Linksys router, but for some reason the Nook cannot connect to it even though it 'see;s' it. Any suggestions?
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