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Unable to load Kobo ereader with any non-DRM epubs using ADE or Calibre or Windows

I have a original kobo (non-Wifi) purchased May last year that will only load content purchased from the kobo book store and loaded with the kobo desktop app.

I have non-DRM'd epubs that I have been trying to load with the three solutions above, but none of them work. Both Calibre and Windows Explorer copy over the files, and I can see the files through Windows Explorer on the device, but when I disconnect the kobo usb cable the books don't show up, I just have the 100 free ebooks and the ones I've purchased through the kobo bookstore.

When I try to do it with ADE I just get a message saying ioError.

I have been flailing about on this issue for days searching the forms, resetting, deleting stuff, etc. I just want to get the basic drag and drop Windows Explorer method working first, then I will try Calibre, as I have had some issues with Calibre screwing up some other things. The kobo firmware has been upgraded to version 1.8.3. I have the issues with that reported by others, that is, all books show Open, and I can't hide the 100 pre-loaded books. That doesn't bother me as much as not being able to load all my non-DRM'd epubs.

Any help is much appreciated, but I have searched and tried lots of stuff already suggested on the forums.

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